Job title: Compliance Engineer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Expertise: Production Yacht - Design
Salary type: Annual
Salary: GBP £50,000.00
Location: Belfast, UK
Job published: 27/05/2022
Job ID: 32452

Job Description


The Compliance Engineer will be responsible for supporting design and engineering activities from a compliance perspective - in particular providing guidance as to which regulations our vessels, our systems and batteries shall comply to. 


• Support and report to Head of Compliance as per each project’s needs and the boat development and commercial programs where required.

• Working with the ATL technical team departments, assisting and coordinating the planning and certification specifications.

• Ability to sift standards and regulations and assist in drawing up compliance roadmaps.

• Work with external parties to obtain required compliance documentation.

• Provide guidelines to ATL technical team members to achieve certification.

• Support ATL commercial projects with compliance guidelines relevant to the end user/customer.

• Assist in maintaining and reporting on the ATL project planning tools.

• Work closely with ATL design team to ensure designs are of the highest standard and delivered as per regulatory requirements.

• Introduce new technology to ATL where appropriate.

• Attend team and 1-1 meetings and fulfil reporting requirements as required by ATL.

• Ensure compliance with ATL Policies and procedures.

• Build good working relationships across ATL.

• Contribute to shaping a culture that reflects ATL Values and Guiding Principles.